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#GivingTuesday Roundup: Graphic Designers From 10+ Countries Wishing You A Merry Christmas -

Merry Christmas

Featured Image: iStock/ThomasVogel

Graphic design is no conundrum and we’re going to prove that today. It’s a lot more like a language we speak. Because from region to region, a language has its borders set and flows through everything a culture has to offer. It imbibes all the traditions, customs, and aesthetics of a culture and its people. Graphic design, in that respect, is no different.

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If you’re going to compare the works of two designers from two different regions of the world, you’ll get to see a whole set of different cultural aspects embedded into both of them. For instance, if you pick an American designer and contrast his work with a Brazilian peer’s work, you’ll see some neo-pop culture with a pitch for modernism on one side and vivid colors and tropical happy logo designs dominant on the other.

Each culture will represent something different, which will have an appeal of its own. Whether the graphic design is from the West or the East, the aesthetics of both come second to none. And since we’re inching closer to Christmas, it’s high time we talk about some holiday designs served with some hot chocolate. The holiday might be the same, but the traditions around the world make holiday graphic designs and festival logo designs peculiar to each region. And yes, the designers are thrilled to showcase the threads of their native culture woven in the holiday designs.

So this year, with all the Christmas spirit vested in our souls, we hereby present to you the Christmas graphic designs from across the globe. With each design, we’re going to discuss the cultural aspect it represents.

So, let’s get into it!

1. Sergiy Tereschenko – Ukraine

Ukraine is a young country with a blossoming, talented generation. The community is developed on the friendly relations here and the culture reflects the bright attitude that fills the life with warmth and joy. However, one must definitely not forget where the inspiration for the design comes from; it’s also the scenic beaches and Carpathian snow-covered mountains along with the forests and plains.

Sergiy Tereschenko is yet an inspiring Ukrainian art director who showcased the traditional image of Saint Nicolas aka Santa Clause in his project. He designed the characters and the buildings unique to Ukraine, which display his interest in blending a global holiday in the Ukrainian culture. The most common elements in Ukrainian designs include mountain logos, beaches, sunsets, buildings and landscape.

Sergiy Tereschenko
Image Source: Behance/Sergiy Tereschenko

2. Laima Marija Kamarauskaite – Lithuania

Seems like Lithuania has joined the bandwagon of popular design. Throughout centuries, the traditional Lithuanian design dealt with the notion of religion and mythologies in the native culture. Since its liberation as an independent nation, the political and economic condition has doused the graphic design with modern thought and innovative perspectives.

In the work below, the artist used simplistic and minimal shapes in logo design as an indication of modernity. The colors are also a mark of youth that this country celebrates.

Laima Marija Kamarauskaite
Image Source: Behance/Laima Marija Kamarauskaite

3. Alexander Baidin – Russian Federation

Russia – the eccentric beauty that dazes the world by covering one-sixth of the land mass. Russian culture has a taste of its own and has been greatly alive since its inception. Whether it be music, arts, literature, customs, or graphic design.

Right now, Russian graphic designers keep playing around with negative space logo and graphic designs to evoke emotions and responses. The work below is a great example!

Alexander Baidin
Image Source: Behance/Alexander Baidin

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4. Daniel Zenker – Germany

Germany has a fertile land rich in innovative graphic designers. The artistic Renaissance in Germany brought about a revolution in how Germans viewed design and created a new fragment in time. From displaying German Expressionism to simplifying the art of intense concepts, German artists laid a new path for the generation of modern logo design.

Similar to the idea of abstract concepts, Daniel Zenker used metallic gold risography touches to enhance the intense simplicity in his project. The design is simple, but the idea speaks volume about the depth it carries.

Daniel Zenker
Image Source: Behance/Daniel Zenker

5. Mica Moran – Brazil

Remember the graffiti art from Brazil? This region has greatly contributed to the field of design via vivid, bizarre, and the most energetic forms of graphic expression. And this trailblazing expression has marked the identity of Brazil’s colorful world. In most designs, you’ll find the portrayal of some electrifying colors blended with creative and whacky imagination.

But when it comes to Christmas, Mica Moran produced a design that collided modern Christmas with minimalistic illustration. This is the side of Brazilian graphic design you wouldn’t want to miss.

Mica Moran
Image Source: Behance/Mica Moran

6. Hannah Valentine – The UK

They say that Britain enjoys the privilege of having produced the most influential graphic design for more than half a century. But how has it still managed to respond to the need of the graphic design kept at the forefront of modernism? The only thing that concludes the successive evolution is the diversion of the British designers from the traditional and generic design.

The design below is a poster for a Christmas party at a pub. The choice of earthen tones and turquoise and soft pink isn’t the traditional Christmas palette but work well with the patterns, textures, and minimal illustration from the Christmas theme.

Hannah Valentine
Image Source: Behance/Hannah Valentine

7. LxU Studio – China

If you dig a hole in America, you’ll end up reaching China. They say that for a reason; the Chinese heritage and culture is so different and rich. As old and ancient the Chinese tradition seems, its recentness never seems to go out of date. Sure, it’s new to the West, which makes it even more fascinating. As the Chinese open their portal of design to the world, it’s evident that some massive energy will flow in the graphic design around the world.

LxU Studios here merged the fine line that existed between the Chinese tradition and the Western notion of Christmas. In their work below, there’s red, gold, and some green with shapes and illustrations from the Chinese culture. For instance, the reindeers have horns like those of the ancient Chinese dragons, there’s the Chinese flag popping out of the gift box, and eating an apple on Xmas Eve is purely Chinese.

LxU Studio
Image Source: Behance/LxU Studio

8. David Sierra – Spain

Ah, Spain…the land of hypnotizing and magnetic gypsy dancing and festive occasions. Like other regions, Spain has got the talent that lays out its graphic design with a unique perspective. However, there are a few giveaways via which you can recognize any Spanish graphic design. It’s the color red, textures, bold and large types, bright colors, and creative indigenous patterns in logos and illustrations.

Notice how David Sierra used all these main ingredients to concoct the perfect recipe of an authentic Spanish design.

David Sierra
Image Source: Behance/David Sierra

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9. MUTI – South Africa

Graphic design gets overpowered when it comes to South Africa. The Aboriginal art, the warm sea breeze, the mandala patterns, and other things have been the wealth of the South African atmosphere. To show the community’s unity, the South African design heavily gets laden with bright primary colors and rain forest logos.

In the design at hand, MUTI shows a traditional woven pattern, which resembles a hand-crafted piece of artwork. But how does it link to Christmas? If you look closer, you can see Christmas ornaments, stockings, snow caps, gingerbread man, and candies.

Image Source: Behance/MUTI

10. Marta Żukiel – Poland

Poland has a history enriched with communication design. And its legacy outreaches the country borders, sponging the country’s political, social, and economic impact in the form of bold collages, vintage art, avant-garde logos, and ecstatic packaging logo designs.

Marta Żukiel, in her vintage Christmas card, makes sure that the objects and designs specific to Poland communicate and interact with the modern theme of Christmas. She uses intricate patterns, multiple types, and intense colors to awaken the core spirit. Though the design looks a bit crowded, it also becomes the beauty of it!

Marta Żukiel
Image Source: Behance/Marta Żukiel

11. Kael Little – USA

We all know that the Americans used graphic design as a means of visual communication and applied their design philosophies leading to the development of provocative iconography. The American soil welcomed the famed European designers from Europe and developed her own sense of graphic design identity. The American culture is all encompassing and so are the American logo designs.

When the holidays come, the American tradition calls for family and friends gatherings. The work here showcases how everything and everyone communicates to create a magical holiday experience.

Kael Little
Image Source: Behance/Kael Little

12. Martine Mooijenkind – The Netherlands

They say that the Dutch design has had its share of the fall; now, it’s bound to rise like never before. It has grown more feisty and admirable. The period from 1890 to 1990 is termed as the Golden Era of the Dutch graphic design due to the quality and diversity displayed. From Jan Toorop to Wim Crouwel, every designer in between was influenced by the political, spatial, economic, and cultural aspects.

The designer has showcased some illustrations that depict the depth of the Dutch culture and with some candy canes and green ribbons.

Martine Mooijenkind
Image Source: Behance/Martine Mooijenkind

13. Bo Ludberg – Sweden

Once you come across it, you know that it is one of the world’s most functional and reliable designs in the world. It’s the Scandinavian design. The soft-toned color palette, lightly decorative lines, and the heavy use of natural elements in logos is what makes it one of its own kind.

Bo Lundberg pinpointed the crucial elements in his version of a Scandinavian Christmas and added in the simplicity, fine forms, minimalism, and smooth colors to fill the characters with a touch of gentleness.

Bo Ludberg
Image Source: Behance/Bo Ludberg

14. Mendiola Wiryawan – Indonesia

Indonesia got the wind of graphic design when the Dutch colonies there brought some paperwork and newspaper in the region. Then it was AD Pirous who created a sense of the nation’s need of technologically advanced graphic design that was shaped by the socio-economic factors over time.

Now, the work below is a creative approach to celebrate Christmas in Indonesia. Using all the confectionary he can lay his hands on, this creative genius created a special Christmas tree icon. Quite an idea to live the Christmas joy, don’t you think?

Mendiola Wiryawan
Image Source: Behance/Mendiola Wiryawan

15. Ema Rogobete – Denmark

Like the design Scandinavian design, the Danish counterpart is a darling in the graphic design domain. It uses simplicity and relative color palettes to combine the overall functions with the aesthetics and in the process, the design gets a voice of its own.

In the design below, Ema Rogobete used a highly unusual mixed color palette to deliver the season’s greetings. What else do you think is particular to this design? Here are 5 Tips for Classy Festive Design from DesignShack.

Ema Rogobete
Image Source: Behance/Ema Rogobete

A Merry Graphic Christmas To You All

I don’t know about you, but I just know that Christmas and graphic design have one thing in common. Both are celebrated throughout the world and are the source of inspiration for many. And the best part is that different nationalities in the world keep adding colors to the notion of Christmas and graphic design alike.

In this article, we covered 10+ designers separated by borders, but united at heart. They all know how to celebrate Christmas and spread the joy of the occasion with their unique Christmas designs. Did we miss out on your favorite country? Hit us up in the comments below. Happy holidays!

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